COVID-19 Entrepreneurship Mindset

Purpose and re-purpose – Day 14. Business shut down – COVID 19 / Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. San Diego, CA. – 12 days without blogging. I have to confess, a few of those days without a post were because of the uncertainty of the future given the Coronavirus crisis. The rest, I’ve just been too busy with many tasks that I’ve been able to work on and move […]

COVID-19 Entrepreneurship

Stacking up the cars – Day 1. Business shut down – COVID 19 / Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 17, 2020. San Diego, CA. – Mango Easy Rent, my car rental business has been and will further be impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. Yesterday, March 16 marked the date the decision was made to shut down the business, ground, park, stack, and gridlock the fleet. With that, we also decided to, as […]

Entrepreneurship Mindset

Start your business and quit your 9 to 5

Learn what it takes to start your business, be successful and never again depend on a 9 to 5. My story as an entrepreneur is not unique, and you can also become financially stable and build your own wealth.