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What Is and Who Really Are behind the Wayfair Cabinets Scandal?

The Wayfair cabinets scandal is the curtain to a deeper agenda. Human Trafficking happens on the Deep Web, but public opinion is shifted on the surface web. Who is behind this scandal?

About 30 years ago I started my learning path on Information Security, Digital Forensics, and Cyber security. Roughly 20 years ago I immersed myself in the dirty world of politics. When you concatenate the worst of both worlds, you reach a paranoid understanding of the risks on the net, a risk I’ve been evangelizing around to teenagers, their parents, and their teachers. My Safety on the Net seminars have been taught in colleges, community, and government events in Mexico and the United States.

The issue at hand today goes beyond anything I’ve discussed on my seminars. Not the human trafficking, including minors, because that is a common occurrence in the real and the virtual world, something that happens every day, but the actual way in which it happens. The World and the United States are at the brink succumbing to a chain of political events, both, domestic, and global by well funded groups with specific and evil agendas.

The Wayfair scandal publicized today, the one that claims that children are being sold through steganographical ads of cabinets that can be linked to children through searches on Russian search engines, seems too candid, naive, and basic to be true. To those knowledgeable of cyber crime, running a human/minor trafficking operation on a surface web marketplace is simply unspoken of and unrealistic.

The Jeffrey Epstein story and the Ghislaine Maxwell’s apprehension create a perfect setting for a story like the Wayfair cabinets claim. At the end of the day, the way this claim is assembled makes it easy for the layman eye to put 1 and 2 together, add them up, and understand how a human trafficking rig could be set up and operated. But, is it that easy, and could it potentially work?

The answer is NO! But why?

The Internet, when pictured as an iceberg shows how what normal web surfers see is the surface web, a very small percentage of what’s on the internet – that small percentage that is accessible through organized databases neatly connected by search engines and public social networks. Yes, we humans usually see what Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, – Wayfair -, and the likes want to show us. Mostly legit and legal content and usually legit or white-collar, legal and slightly illegal transactional sites.

Beyond what we can normally see, there’s the Deep Web, a huge set of “hidden” or non-readily accessible content to the layman, the everyday user. Deep web users may gain access to otherwise private or confidential databases comprised of financial, medical, legal, and many other types of information. While the data found here could be legitimate information, access to it could potentially be illegal.

Even underneath the Deep Web, we have the more hard-core Dark Web. The Dark Web is where criminal transactions take place. The Dark Web provides for the criminals that operate its many parts the anonymity and mimetizing abilities along with the target audience for these operations. Within the Dark Web we might find powerful hacker organizations launching the 28,000+ DDoS attacks per day, the distributed cracking of codes and password databases through brute force, the breaking into government entities, financial and health institutions to breach safety and steal databases. You will be able to find layers where criminals frame vulnerable systems and users to extort them into paying large sums of money in exchange for sequestered information. International drug cartels coordinate and operate wholesale contracts among different countries. Weapons are sold and bought, including those reserved for military units. Terrorism is organized, recruited, trained, deployed, monitored. Human traffickers operate OPEN, direct sale and auctions of children, illegal pornography, prostitution, and actual ownership of the child. Transactions happen in untraceable currency and in encrypted, spoofed networks. Tracing, tracking, prosecuting criminals and their clients on the Dark web is by many means, almost impossible.

The Wayfair supposed trafficking operation is so easy to visualize and crack, that by the time it would be implemented, Interpol and local authorities would have already spotted and stopped the operation. If the media and the overall public can spot it and crack it, so can cyber police around the world who run semantic searches and scanning of known and potential criminal patterns and activities. The Wayfair alleged child trafficking rig is simply so obvious it’s unfeasible. The organizers, the clients, could be easily traceable. The transactions and logs would be open to law enforcement. Believing the alleged Wayfair human trafficking operation is real, is simply naive.

Then, why did the Wayfair cabinets scandal erupted?

In a nutshell, because it will be believed by the masses. This scandal is a planted media scandal, most likely political in nature. This scandal responds to very specific agendas to shift public opinion towards either confusion to obfuscate facts that could otherwise be easily concluded, or into a particular bias.

  • Could this Wayfair scandal be a tool to shift the public’s opinion on the US presidential agenda or 2020 election race? Yes.
  • Could it be to drown a political party? Yes.
  • Could it be a scheme used to damage a particular person’s reputation? Yes.
  • Could it be an effort to bury the information on the Jeffrey Epstein case and discredit Ghislaine Maxwell’s credibility, and thus protect any possible involvement on Epstein’s crimes by powerful people? Yes.
  • Could it be an effort to discredit a whole country, in this case the United States? Yes.
  • Could it be a montage to hurt Wayfair? Yes.

So, who is behind this scandal? What is the reason? Who has made it go viral?

It would be a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming task to answer these questions. What we can conclude however, is that there are huge interests behind the scandal and exorbitant amounts of money. There’s powerful people and strategic giant masterminds behind this plot.

I’m interested in knowing your opinion on who might be behind this operation.

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