Where does your business exist? The trick behind Conversations

Where does your business exist? The trick behind Conversations

FacebookIn this modern, digital world, Success in Marketing is measured through engagement, which is nothing else but reaching your audience and having them somehow react to your content. In Facebook, for example, that would be a Like, a Comment or a Share.
But really, is that the trick?

It’s the starting point! For example, think about your business. Where exactly does your business exist?  At your office and retail locations? No, not quite. Your business is alive any time someone thinks about it / speaks about it / interacts with it.

So, how do I get people to talk about my business?

Now, this is the trick! – You need to start conversations. Why? Because your audience loves buying, but hates being sold something. Because they want to get their products and services from trustworthy and friendly businesses. Because in order for other to get to know you, your business, and your services, they need to hear it in a way in which they can relate. A conversation in which you add value and show knowledge and empathy are definite drivers. Your drivers and conversations can be between you on behalf of your business and your audience, or between current and prospective customers.

Social media is a great tool for this, since you can listen to and reach your audience. You can try to understand their needs, their dreams, their expectations, and talk about those to them. Then, once the conversation starts, you can easily show how you, your company or your products / services can help them reach those dreams and fill those needs.

It’s not hard, it’s just being out there and talking – or, in other words, making your business exist.

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